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We put out a hard copy magazine catalogue every year, so that our magazine outlets can keep up to date with the magazines we distribute. We normally print 1,000 copies of the catalogue. Everyone one of our magazine publishers get a copy of the catalogue [200+]. We mail our top 450 plus retail outlets The catalogue is available at our Frankfurt and London International Book Fairs stands [around 50 get taken at each fair]. This leaves us with about 250 for requests from retailers and new leads. 

Examples of the shops included in the 450 plus retail outlets that we send catalogues to: Athenaeum Boekhandel (Amsterdam), Arnolofini (Bristol), Artwords (London), Blackwells (larger branches), Do You Read Me (Berlin), Flammarion - Paris Pompidou, Home (formerly Cornerhouse in Manchster), Housmans (London), ICA (London), Magma (London and Manchester), Nippan (Tokyo), Tate Gallery (Liverpool, London and St Ives), Walther Koenig Books (London and German branches), Wardour News (London), Waterstones (larger branches) and World Magazines (Seoul).

The cover images are in full colour. To help cover our costs for the production of the catalogue we offer a number of options for entry into the catalogue.

All magazines are listed FREE OF CHARGE. Every magazine we distribute gets a free listing in the catalogue, but the listing does not include any cover image, and is only a one-line entry in the catalogue. 

2023 catalogue image entry prices :

£130 GBP gives publishers one full page with up to 90 words of text (aimed at retailers) describing their magazine and a colour cover image. This kind of entry must be booked by the 10th March 2023.

£90 GBP gives publishers a small blurb - circa 50 words - and a small colour cover image. This kind of entry must be booked by the 10th March 2023.

Some publishers who do not wish to book an image like to amended their text, if you are one of these please see the a current copy of the 2023 catalogue and sugest your edit for the 2023 catalogue before the 10th March 2023.

Up until we finalise each year's catalogue we make the draft available as a pdf for publishers to check, to see the current draft  click here.

The prices for image entries are fixed each before invitations go out for the next catalogue.

We reserve the right to edit any copy submitted to us. To book an entry in our next catalogue please email Mark Chilver ( with the words “magazine catalogue” in the subject field. Each year all our magazine publishers are inviteD to book images, as we work for over 200 magazines there may be delays in responding to your queries during the final days before the deadline. 
Our catalogue will be published in April in 2023. Please click here to visit your magazine's page or enter your magaizne's title in the search box and check that the frequency of your title and its cover price are correct on our website. You can also go to to change records, add descritptions and add covers. When we are about to put together the printed catalogue we want to know if nd there will be further changes throughout the year.

Failure to book early may mean that all the space has been taken. 

We do email all our magazine publishers before the deadline to remind them to book some space. After this deadline, we will assume publishers who have not booked space require only the one line entry, with no cover image.

Click here (we use mail chimp) to make sure you get emailed the invites for entries subscribe to our email list by.

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