Since 1939 Central Books has been distributing books and magazines to bookshops, specialist outlets, individuals and institutions.  

We work with over 400 book publishers and handle over 200 magazines. We are proud of our relationships with publishers and many of whom have been with us for over two decades and some much longer.

We employ over 25 members of staff and continue to pay at least the London Living Wage to all our employees.  Many of our staff own shares in the company. We are 100% owned by people who work at Central Books.

Book Distribution
We distribute a range of intelligent, informative innovative and independent publishers, from trade publishers to NGO’s, from one off publishers to galleries and other specialists. Be in good company, we distribute for Antenne BooksGambitEveryman Chess, Candlestick Press, Wild Things PublishingAmnestyOld Street Publishing,  Dedalus Press , Little Toller and Lawrence & Wishart to name just a few.  We think we are big enough to have some clout with the major retailers and small enough to have real contact with you the publisher.  For more information about our book distribution services please click here

Magazine Distribution
We distribute magazines of high editorial content on ArchitectureArtsCraftsDesignFilmFoodLiteraturePhotographyPoetryPolitics and other related subjects. We sell these to bookshops, gallery shops and other specialist shops around the world. We have 400 magazine outlets in the UK and 200 overseas. For more information about our magazine distribution services please click here click here.

Central Books Knowledge Base

We like to share information with our client publishers and help them with their publishing. As part of this we are developing a searchable knowledge base and over time we hope to enlarge this further. Some of the pages have very general information and are open to anyone. If you are a client publisher there is additional information that you can access. The Knowledge Base contains information for book and magazine publishers. Please feel free to look through it. We welcome any comments and corrections about its contents or even suggestions for additional pages, www.centralbooks.com/knowledge-base.html.