Book Distribution

Since 1939 Central Books has been distributing books and magazines to bookshops, specialist outlets, individuals and institutions.   We work with over 400 books publishers and handle over 200 magazines.

If you would like Central Books to distribute your books please complete the form at the bottom of this article. It will not take long to fill in and only has 9 parts

Book Distribution

We work with large independent publishers, NGO’s, one off publishers, galleries and other specialists. We distribute a range of intelligent, informative innovative and independent publishers.  We think we are big enough to have some clout with the major retailers and small enough to have real contact with you the publisher. 

  • We aim to pool resources. For example we work to hold trade discounts down to 35% or 40% across the board  for retail booksellers, by grouping with other independents of quality we aim to control margins to help us all prosper.
  • Payment. Apart from controlling margins we will pay you on time and are happy to pay automatically into your account each month [according to sales of course].  
  • Information & sales reports. By email we will provide you with all the information you need to assess your publishing. Each month we will provide you with all you need to know about your sales.
  • – this provides on-line secure ordering for all our customers, retail, institutional or individuals, including the ability to check availability. Those retail customers that have set up a login will be able to check their discounts as well. The website also allows publishers to enhance the content about their titles, make special offers and the chance to have their own publisher description.
  • - this is searchable Knowledge Base with information about publishing and how we work, giving advice and guides for both publisher clients and prospective publisher clients.
  • - this provides client publishers with daily updated sales, stocks and recorded orders by customer and by title.
  • Our agreements are simple and avoid hidden extras.
  • We aim to avoid storage charges. Provided stocks are below the equivalent of 36 months of sales we will not charge for storage.    
  • We provide daily availability feeds to top internet booksellers like Book Depository, Wordery, Books Etc and Bowditch. This service is available to any retailer who wants it and maximises the availability of your books.
  • Tele-ordering and EDI orders are received electronical and received daily.
  • We offer a range of representation teams or no reps at all - we are happy to discuss the best option for you. Click here for more information about repping teams. 
  • Our spread of publishers means that we have no dominant customer. We are happy to put you in touch with current publisher clients so you can get their views about our services.  Alternatively take a look at our publisher list.
  • We offer marketing and publicity backup and know-how. We always attend the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs and other publishing events at which we offer a presence for the publishers we work for.
  • Our service to bookshops and all other customers is speedy and reliable. But check on our reputation and service by getting in touch with booksellers.
  • We increasingly handle direct sales to individuals, institutions as well as the book trade. All information about these sales is available for future use or analysis for each Publisher.


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