Voices Within: A Between Worlds Novel

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Isabo Campbell wakes up in a juvenile psych ward with no memory of how she got there.Her psychiatrist father is reluctant to authorize her release. She was found destroying a church. Finally let out she starts to hear menacing voices that hiss and bay at her along with a vivid vision of a cloaked woman in a tree which she is convinced is real. After exploring religious devotion and exorcism she is soon labeled a schizophrenic.Defiant and determined to find the cause of her torment she confides in her three best friends and her eccentric aunt, who offers more pieces of the puzzle. Nightmares increase and become more and more vivid, transporting her back to the 16th Century Scotland, the Witch-Hunting era of King James.Isabo dream world and present worlds collide to the point that she has trouble navigating between the two and knowing what is truth and what is delusionShe is courageous in the face of terror as she seeks to mend the wounds of a condemned witch who has turned on her own and in turn can hopefully release the bonds of madness via the journey ways of contemporary shamanism.This is a story steeped in memories from ancient times and like a puzzle needs the pieces to be found and put back together. Isabo Campbell is nothing if not courageous in the face of the unknown. It is a journey of insight, consciousness, and recovery, just not the type you are used to hearing about within the halls of psychiatry.

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Binding Paperback
Date Published 1st June 2023
Pages 334