Natural Disasters: Two Plays

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Two Plays


This play deals with the plight of Betty and Roy, the only visible survivors of a tornado which has destroyed their tiny Texas town, along with their house and all their possessions. Once the initial shock of the situation has worn off, Roy sets about trying to restore things to what they were, whilst Berry, suddenly freed from all the junk with which she had been living, decides that she would rather move on and start a new life elsewhere. The resulting debate is both hilarious and revealing as much to Roy’s upset, Betty pours out all her frustrations she has kept bottled up over the years, together with her aspirations for the future. Available in a volume entitled Natural Disasters.

Cast 1 male 1 female
Length Short

Set Exterior

Tropical Depression

Set in a somewhat seedy resort hotel on a remote Caribbean island, this highly amusing play centres on two very wealthy Texas housewives enjoying a break away from their husbands. Their efforts to live life to the full are, however, thwarted by various misadventures culminating in a hurricane which imprisons them in their hotel room. Ironically this leads them to question certain basic issues about their lives and they both emerge with a renewed understanding and awareness of both their marriages and themselves. Available in a volume entitled Natural Disasters.

Cast 2 female

Length Short

Set Interior

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ISBN13/Barcode 9780822208068
ISBN10 822208067
Author HEIFNER, Jack
Binding Paperback
Date Published 15th December 2005
Pages 60
Publisher Dramatists Play Service