Latin for Common Entrance Level 3 and Scholarship

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This book 3 follows on from and builds upon books 1 and 2 of Latin for Common Entrance. Chapters 1 – 12 cover all the vocabulary and grammar needed for CE Level 3 and Chapters 13 – 19 cover the additional constructions for the ISEB and senior schools’ scholarship examinations.

The core format is similar to that of the first two books: the new vocabulary and grammar are reinforced by exercises, both from and into Latin. However, in contrast to the first two books, there is no extra material here, like word searches, crosswords or historical or language background. There is a very clear reason for this. Most senior schools, which start on book 3 of the Cambridge Latin Course, like pupils entering Year 9 to have completed CE level 2, the material covered in the first two books. Whilst the main infantry trudge or meander their way through the Level 2 syllabus in years 7 and 8, some pupils, urged on by the glint of Level 3 silver or even by scholarship gold, upgrade to the cavalry and find that they have to cover, perhaps in half a year, constructions that will form the core of the GCSE grammar syllabus – a heady task, but one relished by the cavalrymen of Year 8. To help them on their way, each construction introduced in here is thoroughly treated and embedded into previous learning by the copious sentences both into and from English.

As in books 1 and 2, there are both core and extra exercises. The answers to the Latin-English sentences are to be found at the back of the book. This will allow pupils to work at their own rate and correct the exercises as they complete them. If time is very limited, the extra exercises can be omitted. On the other hand, pupils should be encouraged to attempt all the English sentences as they force recall of the core vocabulary and encourage mastery of the grammar.

Once the material up to the required level has been covered, pupils will be in a position to consolidate their knowledge by tackling some continuous passages of Latin. To encourage reading fluency and build up confidence to tackle the unseen passages in the examination pupils can work their way through The Odyssey, The Story in Basic Latin. Although written for CE level 2 pupils, the book will be useful at this level as it introduces a further two hundred common words.

Pupils who do not need to do CE level 3 can prepare for life in the senior school by working their way through my Common Entrance Conversion Booklet, which, through a series of carefully graded exercises, with answers, introduces the two hundred words that have appeared in the first two volumes of CLC and that are not on the CE syllabus. At the same time the booklet reviews the grammar covered in CE levels 1 and 2.

Suggested answers for the English-Latin exercises are available in the Teacher’s Book for CE and GCSE.

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