Magazine Terms for the UK

For Customers in the UK

If you are reseller or shop outside of the UK please go to 

All magazines are due for payment by the end of the 1st month following the month they were invoiced in. For example, all invoices dated July should be paid by the end of August. This applies whether the magazines are monthly, quarterly or annual. All our magazines are sale or return, and returns should be sent to us within 3 months of invoice date in the case of monthly magazines, 6 months for bi-monthly and 12 months for quarterly ones.

In practice this can occasionally mean that you have to pay for all the copies of a particular magazine before you have returned them.

When you do send returns to us (many people wait till they get a new issue before returning the previous one), we will issue a credit note, which we send out with the statements each month. We ask customers not to make deductions till credit notes have been issued.

For most periodicals you do not need to return the whole copies, you only have to return to us the bannerhead - that bit of the cover with the title and month on. However for Selvedge and periodicals priced over at £9.99 you only have the whole copy for credit to be given. You can download periodical returns sheets

Download a magazine returns form for UK Shops (pdf file)

Download a magazine returns form for UK Shops (wordfile)

Please use these returns sheets when making periodical returns.

We send out statements every month listing all invoices, credit notes and paid items; if you notice a discrepancy, please contact us immediately. Late payment can mean that supplies will be suspended. If this happens, you will miss issues of all magazines for the period that your account is on stop. We hope this will not happen, but given our tight margins and commitment to pay the magazines promptly (and they are often walking a financial tightrope, like ourselves and yourselves) we have to be fairly rigorous about our terms!

It is always worth while keeping a regular check on sales and increasing or decreasing your standing orders as necessary.

We look forward to a trouble free trading relationship and now that you have an account with Central Books you can also buy the books we distribute [on a 9 months see safe basis, we can supply a list of publishers, a catalogue(s) and any relevant information. 

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