Preparing a Magazine Flier

We send out fliers to retailers every week and we would like to have a new flier for every magazine once a year.  Without this flier we will not always maximize sales. We prefer that publishers design their own fliers this makes each flier look different and publishers are better placed to describe their magazines to retailers.

A good flier will use no more than 60 words to describe a title, anymore and the retailer will switch off. We would prefer to be emailed a Word file version of the flier but we can also accept PDF files. We will then print these in black and white as we need them and email them.  When designing the flier be sure to include

  • A cover image.
  • Title. 
  • Up to 60 words describing the title.
  • Frequency.
  • ISSN number (if you have one) or current barcode number, we prefer barcode
  • Sterling Cover Price.
  • "Available from Central Books at your standard magazine terms."
  • Offer the shop a chance to request a sample, make a new order or amend a current order.
  • An order form including; shop name, contact name, order reference and shop address.
  • Central Books contact information: send orders to Central Books, Magazine Department, 50 Freshwater Road, London RM8 1RX Tel 44(0)20 8525 8825 Fax 44(0)20 8599 2694 email,

To download "dummy" example templates click as per lines:

Please email Mark Chilver with your draft fliers, he will get back to you with any suggestions for improvements.

Here is the kind of thing we are after - 


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