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Of course, we would prefer to handle as much of your business as possible buy we know that publishers are often scratching around for information on other distributors. We also aware of the ever growing number of magazines that approach us for distribution but for which we are not able to offer distribution. Please do not regard this as a definitive list, there is nothing like research on the web for un-earthing what you need to find. We also recommend looking at the directories on the magazine www.inpublishing.co.uk.  Judging by the demise of Comag, Kable and Worldwide Magazine Distribution these are hard times for distributors so there are possibly too few options, despite that we hope this information helps you.

This is the domain of Central Books but we do inevitably crossover with the other markets, some shops or overseas specialists receive direct stock from specialist distributors like ourselves and from the local news trade wholesalers.  Specialist distributors delivery the vast bulk of magazines direct to each retailers.


Other specialists apart from Central Books

33 Tower Street

Mainly politics and esoteric titles

email: help@akuk.com

web: www.akuk.com
Tel: 44(0)131 555 5165

Antenne Books

Studio 55 Hackney Downs Studios
17 Amhurst Terrace

E8 2BT

The relationship between Central Books and Antenne Books may confuse publishers. Antenne Books are entirely independent of Central Books and vice versa, however Antenne Books use Central Books to distribute their list including the magazines they handle. What Antenne choose to distribute and how they work with publishers will be different to how Central Books work directly with magazine publishers. 

Tel: 44 (0) 20 3582 8257

web www.antennebooks.com


Comag specialist division

Sorry Comag ceased in Oct 2017.  See https://www.comag.co.uk/ for more details.


Pineapple Media Ltd See newstrade below  
Worldwide Magazine Distribution  Sorry Worldwide Magazine Distribution ceased 2016.  


News Trade Distribution

Magazine publishers vary in their distribution needs, most magazines in this country are bought in newsagents which arrive in the newsagents via the news trade network; a virtual distributor* and selling team, a physical distributor [taking printers delivery to local wholesalers] and local wholesalers [each covering a particular area or region].  Publishers sign up with the virtual distributor* with their selling team.  

Many of the titles we handle are not distributed to the news trade, some are too specialist others, will move up to this level when they can. Some of the titles we handle use a news trade distributor and Central Books alongside each other.


There is a list of distributors on the InPublishing website http://www.inpublishing.co.uk/suppliers/magazine_newspaper_distribution  

*These virtual distributors do not physically handle the magazines but they organise the distribution.   

Newstrade Distributors

Comag Specialist Division 

Sorry Comag ceased in Oct 2017.  See https://www.comag.co.uk/ for more details.


Pineapple Media Ltd
172 Northern Parade
Hilsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 

They seem to work for a fair number of independent magazines. We believe they are international and mainly focused on the newstrade.  

Tel: 44 (0) 2392 787970


Post Scriptum

Unit E3

Marshgate Trading Centre

Marshgate Lane


E15 2NH

No information about what they do well.

Tel: 44(0)20 8221 2229
Fax: 44(0)20 8221 2209
contact: David Jones


86 Newman Street

No information about what they do well. They are very big.



Overseas Distribution

The most common market in which to have an overseas distributor is the United States. Shops in the US are reluctant to import magazines direct from Europe so publishers will need a US distributor to maximize sales. However shipping costs are expensive and returns can be very high.  Many of our publishers are not satisfied with their US distributor but find getting a better one very hard. Our advice with all overseas distributors is to judge whether the sales justify the contact time and costs. You will most likely sell just as many copies in Korea if Central Books supplies Korean outlets as you will if you agree a sole distribution deal with a distributor, yet the latter will take more of your time with extra costs.

Overseas Distributors

D.A.P. Distributed Art Publishers, Inc
155 Sixth Avenue
2nd Floor
New York
NY 10013 


The US art specialists. They mostly handle books but do handle some magazines.


Disticor Magazine Distribution Services
695 Westney Road South

Suite 14


L1S 6M9

A international distributor of Canadian, American and British mass market and special interest newsstand publications.


Kable Distribution Services, Inc.
Kable Square
Mt. Morris
IL 61054

Sorry Kable ceased in 2016.


RCS Publisher Services And Magazine Distribution
3700 Eagle Rock Blvd.

Los Angeles

CA 90065


No information about what they do well.  

When we searched for them in early 2020 we could no longer find them in web searches. We are not sure that they still trade.


Speed Impex
35-02 48th Avenue

Long Island City

New York

NY 11101


Distributor of foreign newspapers and magazines in the USA.
Out of 7 distribution centres.   

When we searched for them  in early 2020 we could no longer find them in web searches. We are not sure that they still trade.



Ubiquity Distributors

607 Degraw Street


NY 11217


Sorry we have heard that Ubiquity have closed down, around 2018 we beleive. The bulk of thier outlets are located in the Northeastern, Middle Atlantic and Midwestern regions, including New York City, but they have stores in some forty states overall. They handle over 2000 copies.

www.ubiquitymags.com (the webiste no longer works)


If you are a magazine distributor of specialist magazines and would like to be listed here please get in touch via the contact us pages. We reserve the right not to include your listing or to edit your description.

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