Jobs at Central Books

Since 1939 Central Books has been distributing books, magazines and other related products to bookshops, specialist outlets and individuals.

If you are interested in working at Central Books we suggest you have a look around our website to get an idea of the services we give to publishers, retailers and individual book buyers.

  • Central Books employs around 30 people.
  • We are 95% owned by current and past members of our staff.
  • We strive to be an equal opportunities employer.
  • We advertise job vacancies.

How to Find Us

You can see where we are based by clicking here.

We do not have any plans for expanding our work force in the near future but we do have a mailing list below for anyone seeking a job. We will post a job description or a link to such a describution and then send an application form in the post if you ask us to. It is easy to unsubscribe when you get an email from this email list and we will not pass your email address on to anyone else. We have given jobs to those that subscribed in the past. Very rarely we have advertised, via this list, other jobs that have become available from book, magazine and journal publishers we work, this has been done without passing anyones details to these publishers. 

By using this form to subscribe you are granting us permission to use the email list to communicate with you. Everytime you receive such emails you will be able to unsubscribe. In a typical 12 month period we have used this email list no more than 4 times, we will not use it more than 12 times a year.


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