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We are offering retailers the chance to try out 5 of the following magazines on a Free Trial Basis.

Central Books will supply 3 free copies for 2 issues after which supplies will continue at your standard magazine discount. The standing order can be cancelled at any time. Please note this is only available to retailers if they trial at least 5 of these titles. Overseas retailers will still have to cover carriage costs.

Click on each title to find out more about what it covers, its frequency and price.
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  Subjects Covered 
Aesthetica   Art
Afterall   Art
Aperture   Photography
Art Asia Pacific   Art
Artforum   Art
Art Licks   Art
Art Papers   Art
Art Review   Art
Art Review Asia   Art
Brick   Literature 
Camera Austria   Photography
Cineaste   Film
Crafts   Crafts
Diaphanes   Art
Domus   Architecture and Design
Frieze   Art
Hali   Art
Harvard Design Magazine   Architecture and Design
International Socialism   Politics
Labour Research   Politics
Literary Review   Literature 
London Review of Books   Literature and Poltics
Modern Poetry in Translation   Poetry
New Left Review   Politics
Mslexia   Literature 
Raw Vision   Art
Soundings   Politics and Cultural Studies
Source   Photography
Stand   Literature  and Poetry
Tate Etc   Art
UPPERCASE   Crafts and Design
The Wire   Music
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