Book Printers

Currently this is a very sparse page that we would like to improve upon. So if you are a book or magazine publisher we distribute and would recommend a printer please get in touch.

If you are a printer of books and you think you should be listed please note we will not be listing printers unless one of our client publishers have used the printer to print their publications. If you are a printer who has printed one of our clients publications then it would be best to ask them to contact us with a recommendation that we list you on this page.

Imprint Digital -

We like Imprint Digital for two reasons, they are related to a publisher Imprint Academic who we distribute but more importantly they offer short run printing that is cheap or free to get delivered to Central Books. So often with short run printing the delivery cost is a large part of the overall costs.

TJ Books

Many our book publisher clients use TJ Books. They offer good quality printing..

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