Endnotes 3 September 2013

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Endnotes is a journal/book series published by a discussion group based in Germany, the UK and the US. It is primarily oriented towards conceptualising the conditions of possibility of a communist overcoming of the capitalist mode of production--and of the multiple structures of domination which pattern societies characterised by that mode of production--starting from present conditions. As such it has been concerned with debates in communist theory, and particularly the problematic of "communisation"; the question of gender and its abolition; the analysis of contemporary struggles, movements and political economy; the dynamics of surplus population and its effects on capital and class; capitalist formations of "race"; value-form theory and systematic dialectics; the revolutionary failures and impasses of the 20th Century. Endnotes 3 (Gender, Race, Class and Other Misfortunes) includes: The global economic crisis as a 'holding pattern', and the forms of struggle that have responded to it: Occupy, Arab Spring, Movement of Square; The logic of gender; Detailed analysis of UK riots and student struggles; Jasper Bernes on logistics and counter-logistics; Chris Chen on race and the 'limit point of capitalist equality'; and Reworking of key concepts in revolutionary theory: spontaneity, mediation and rupture.
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