China's Rise: Strength and Fragility

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What are the social forces behind the rise of the China? Which classes have power? China is a bureaucratic capitalist state – a special kind of state capitalism. The state has been entirely privatized and works for bureaucratic capital. Bureaucracy and state have merged. Combining the coercive power of the state and the power of money, the bureaucracy enjoys all the advantages of state capitalism in promoting both break neck industrialization and in taking anti-cyclical measures in the midst of the current Great Recession. The strength of the bureaucracy is the result of an unusual alignment of class relations. The 1949 revolution and subsequent developments, in combination with China’s particular characteristics and backwardness, have worked together to keep the working class docile. Paradoxically, the rise of capitalist China has fundamentally changed lives and conditions. China has been modernized to the point that half of the population live in urban areas. Self-esteem has been raised and raised expectations are at play among a new generation of the working class. People deeply demoralised in the defeat of the 1989 democratic movement are beginning to revive. Chinese state capitalism is beginning to exhaust its strength as it increasingly relies on rapidly expanding public debt. Recent struggles suggest that in China a new dawn is not far away.
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Author LOONG-YU, Au and RUIXUE, Bai
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Date Published 13th November 2012
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