Chalet Fields of the Gower

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216 x 216mm 70pp standard colour hardback

Short Description: 70 colour photographs of houses on two of the Chalet Fields of the Gower peninsular in South Wales. Over the last 60 years most of these simple, cheap-to-build houses have evolved into desirable residences. Looking beyond their aesthetic appeal they provide evidence that people can make and acquire their own homes given the opportunity. An interview with local architect Owen Short gives an insight into how these communities negotiated changes in the legal planning environment. These photographs show a form of self-provision of working class housing which begins with a simple timber-framed dwelling and develops gradually with the users changing needs and resources. In the process they have acquired an idiosyncratic style that gives them considerable charm. Looking beyond this aesthetic appeal they provide evidence of a method that could again be used to make dwellings. Photographed with a Sigma DP2 camera with Foveon sensor.

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Weight 0.400000
ISBN13/Barcode 9781870736183
ISBN10 1870736184
Author Stefan Szczelkun
Binding Hardback
Date Published 5th September 2018
Pages 70
Publisher Routine Art Co