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Magazine Catalogue Draft

We have finished and printed the 2020 magazine catalogue see

We will start work on the 2021 catalogue in December 2020.

You can view the 2019 catalogue  

Please note the versions posted on this site do not show the quality of the version used by the printers and in the early stages the indexing is not complete.

All magazines we distribute are listed in our catalogue. There is information about booking images in our annnual catalogue at

Please send all emails with comments to and be sure to put "magazine catalogue amendment" as the subject of the email.

The drafts shown of the 2020 before it goes to print of Central Books Magazine catalogue are for Publishers to check their entries. Please report any errors you find. email them to Important things to check are price and frequency for 2020. We are getting close to the final draft. Image quality will be better when printed. Once the cover is storted we hope to go to print in Febrauary so get those comments in before February. Sorry at this late stage we can only take small amendments. There is an index at the end of the cataologue. Sorry it is too late to have an image entry this year if you have not yet booked it.

You should be able to ctrF or use Find to locate titles with the pdf or go to the index at the end.