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Many of our publishers and indeed some people in our office have been unable to see the "browse files" button in some parts of the vendor and management pages of this website.

We may have directed you to this page as you can not load images on to our site.

We are phasing out the use of Flash on our website but some of the functions like browse for a file (or image) and upload a file (or image) on the website do require Flash. 

Should you wish you can down load Flash at

We had problems with a users trying to get this to work on Chrome, Flash would simply not work on Chrome for their PC's. Reloading Flash did not work but we have found a solutions

If you are using the most recent version of Chrome on a PC this 

Place your mouse over the (i) button, where it will say Secure or Not Secure. Then Right Click. 

Step 1 Left Click the on “Ask (default)” and choose “Allow” like the blue lined box below.
Step 2 You will given the chance to reload the page. Click reload.

Going to "chrome://settings/content/flash" on your chrome browser and reset the rules for using Flash. You need to paste  " chrome://settings/content/flash " into your browser.. Hopefully your screen will look like this image below please. Please reset them to allow Flash to work. You can reset it to allow or allow all. I am afraid that for choosing Ask First Yes will not work.

Chrome Flash Settings


Click the information (i) button then Click Allow Adobe Flash. When  we did this we still could not see the buttons Browse Files and Upload Files. So we pressed refresh then when we returned to the page the buttons appeared.



The following words are added to the page to help it come up on kbase searches.

"Flash will not work on my computer"

"Chrome is not allowing Flash to run"

"I can not add images to your website"

"I cannot see the browse buttons"

"no browse button"

 "I cannot add images to the Central Books Website"