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Free Copy and Gratis Requests*

Many of our client publishers will at  times ask us to despatch goods on their behalf to send out as complimentary copies, event stock or…

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Summary of Free Copy and Gratis Requests

If you are a client publisher please click here for the more detail version of this information. Many of our client publishers will at  times…

Tags: books, magazines, free copy

Main Contact Points for Publishers

General Contact Points Description Telephone Number email addresses Trade Orders Department for Books Use to send book orders for the shops, internet retailers an…

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Publisher’s Contact List for Staff

Name Title Telephone Number email addresses Bill Norris Book Distribution Manager 44 (0)20 8525 8815 Regine Henrich B…

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Who To Contact at Central Books

Query Department  or Person Telephone Number email addresses Account Balance Query Alison Mansfield  44 (0)20 8525 8854…

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Magazine Catalogue Draft

We have finsihed work on the inside pages of our 2019 magazine catalogue, we will probably start work on the 2020 catalogue in December 2019.…

Magazine Catalogue - Printed

We put out a hard copy magazine catalogue every year, so that our magazine outlets can keep up to date with the magazines we distribute.…

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Deliveries/Despatches of Magazines*

Deliveries/Despatches of Magazines Our address is 50 Freshwater Road, Chadwell heath, London RM8 1RX but some postal databases have us down as 1 Unit ,…

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Barcodes Guide for Magazine Publishers

Bar Codes Are No Longer Optional on Magazines Sorry to say that to talk about Bar Codes one has to introduce various acronyms.  There is a…

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Many of our publishers and indeed some people in our office have been unable to see the "browse files" button in some parts of the…

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