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Sales Data for our publishers -

For our publishers we provide online data showing all their sales at

Publishers can use the same login for as they do for

If you are seeing this message  

please check that you are using is no longer in use

There is room for confusion here as this website ( provides sales data relating only to orders placed on this website but covers sales generated from all sources that we at Central Books process.

If you are one of our publisher clients and have not yet visited we really recommend looking now. There you can search sales by bookshop, look at dues (recorded orders), if you are a magazine publisher you can see who your outlets are, and more. There is a common questions and answers section at the bottom of this page.

If you are a publisher distributed by Central Books and do not know your log in details for and then please get in touch with your usual contact.   

UPDATE on which will no longer work from . 

We had been told that would stop working in 27/10/17 but we recenlty discovered that the link was still working at the very beginning of January 2020

We used to use the web address but first we had problems with the internet server but when we changed the server we found some browsers were not finding

Now we have our permanent address 

We thank all our publishers for their patience and expect a trouble free use of

 We’d recommend that from now on everyone access the site using the above URL as this ensures that their logon credentials and data are encrypted over the internet.

However if a user can’t match one of the following requirements:


  • Users of Internet Explorer must be on Windows Vista or newer (approx. 2007)
  • Users of Safari must be on Mac OS X 10.5.6 and Safari 2.1 or newer (approx. 2009)
  • Users of Firefox must be on version 2.0 or newer (approx. 2006)
  • Users of Opera must be on version 8.0 or newer (approx. 2005)
  • Users of an iPhone 4 or newer (approx. 2010)


Then they can still access the site but they may need to use the non-HTTPS URL:

This is due to limitations in some older browser/OS versions.

At some point will fall out of use

 Thank you for your patience. 

Common Questions and Answers about Bookweb


Can I use bookweb to track sales ?  

Yes, when you log in you get to see a summary of the sales in the last 8 days (clicking characters in red gives you more detail) and a total figure for activity in the month so far. If you search for a title or magazine issue you can get more detail. Clicking anying in red gives you more details.

Can I see the standing orders for my magazine? Yes, you need to find the record without an issues number on bookweb and view the “dues”.
Can I see the stock figures for a book?  Yes, search for the book using the ISBN or title. You are looking for the words “CB Stock” or if you want to find out your Amazon consignment stock look for "Consigment Stock".
Can I see the stock figures for a magazine?    Yes, search for the issue using the title search . You are looking for the words “CB Stock”.
Can I see if a retail customers has bought my titles? Use the customer search . Assuming the customer has brought you titles then click on the red words like Value Life: 898.82  to get more details.
Can I download sales data? Bookweb allows you to down load data , you will see  "Print | Spreadsheet | Close"  when you look at the detailed sales breakdowns. Spress Spreadsheet to down load the data.
Can I view the supply and returns figures?   Sorry No, at the moment Bookweb only gives the net sales, it does not breakdown supply and returns. 
Can I view no account holder or mail order sales?  Sorry No, at the moment Bookweb only gives data for account customers.

 If you need sales data that is not available on Bookweb you can always ask your usual contact. If it is simle for us to provice we wiling provide it.