Compostion : Compositions of Compost

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A book of 17 photographs taken of my compost caddy whenever I found the contents interesting because of the colours or composition of elements or both. The photographs were taken with natural light from a skylight which gives a variation in the speed and aperture used. This information is recorded on the facing page with date of capture. The camera used was always a Sigma DP2 with Foveon sensor. Finding beauty in chaos and decomposition appealed to my anarchist and anti-art sensibility. Representing still life or flora at the peak of its perfection reeks of petrified ideologies. Decomposition suggests that the formal relations we hold dear are subject to a continual state of change. Matter readied for breakdown by benign organisms reminds me that the world is ‘on our side’. What is discarded can contribute to tomorrows new growth.
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ISBN13/Barcode 9781870736176
ISBN10 1870736176
Author Stefan Szczelkun
Binding Paperback
Date Published 5th November 2018
Pages 40
Publisher Routine Art Co