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Frequency: Bi-Annual - Issue(s) per Year: 2

Junior Magazine is a photographic journal dedicated to showcasing emerging Irish photography. In the latest it follows a group of youths in their pursuit of chaos, uncovers the surreal comedy of pageant birds, and explores the uncertainty of a post-Brexit Northern Ireland. A response to a time when fake news leaks out of our screens, when memes decide elections, and when the future seems uncertain.

In the 3rd issue you can journey into a surreal playground where scientists determine the nature of reality, follow a family through heartbreak, and join ravers as they emerge out of a hedonistic blur into the cold light of the morning. Junior is a celebration of the myriad different worlds into which photography grants us access. Issue 3 April 26th 2018.

In the 2nd issue we follow a group of youths in their pursuit of chaos, we uncover the surreal comedy of pageant birds. A new feature sees writers responding to photographs with pieces that discuss the fragility of masculinity, the pitfalls of hedonism and the lonely melancholy of life in the city.

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