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  • Another Gaze


    Another Gaze is the only self-published printed feminist journal available today and it believes that feminist criticism is not and should not be considered elite or specialist.

    Another Gaze was founded in response to the difficulty in obtaining rigorous writing about women and film: its sources being disparate, or access requiring membership of an academic institution or the will and resources to get through a ‘paywall’. Particularly since the advent of the internet, young women, queer people and people of colour, have had the opportunity to discover films which reflect and affirm their lives and aspirations in a manner which is harder to find in the prescribed male canon, and to create their own.

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  • Beneficial Shock!


    Beneficial Shock! is a new bi-annual, thematic film magazine for cinephiles and design enthusiasts that delivers an eclectic mix of illustration and visual documentation which explores crucial elements of cinema often marginalized or overlooked.

    Commendation at the Stack Awards 2017 for Best use of Illustration

    Film is a personal experience that resonates with each of us in different ways, and so the magazine aims to be both a platform for individual expression, as well as a source of inspirational content for readers; timeless and brave visual storytelling for those hankering after aesthetic and intellectual stimulation.

    There are plenty of mags out there that lead with illustration, but this is a riot of colour and creativity.” Jeremy Leslie/MagCulture

    This is a magazine motored by thrilling, fluid design ideas and eye-popping illustration. I can see it cruise to the front rank of must have movie mags.” Dan McCabe/Magalleria

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  • Hungry Eye


    Hungry Eye is on an insatiable search for original and exceptional image-making in every aspect and every discipline. From b/w analogue stills to eyepopping music videos, and from short films made on a shoestring to full-length movies shot with the latest technology. Charting the creative process, exploring both the making and the meaning of the image(s). Learn More
  • Sight & Sound


    Published since 1932 by the BFI, Sight and Sound is the international film magazine that offers unique and intelligent insight into the very best of film culture past, present and future. The magazine also offers a complete reference guide to every theatrical release in the UK, with full length reviews, plot synopses and full industry credits. Learn More
  • Cineaste


    Cineaste, established in 1967, features thought provoking coverage of the entire world of cinema; Hollywood, the independents, and quality foreign films including feature articles and interviews, reviews, essays and occasional special supplements. Cineaste is written in a popular readable style, displayed in an attractive, lavishly illustrated format. Learn More
  • Fireflies


    Fireflies is a film magazine created between Berlin and Melbourne.

    Each issue assembles an international group of writers and visual artists to celebrate the work of two extraordinary filmmakers through personal essays, interviews and creative responses.

    Fireflies is not simply a film magazine; it bridges artistic disciplines, bringing together a stimulating plurality of creative responses, reactions and reflections, all inspired by the two filmmakers themed in the issue. Every issue has two covers, with one half of the magazine dedicated to each filmmaker, and the contents meet in the middle

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  • JCMS:Journal of Cinema and Media Studies.


    Formerly called the Cinema Journal, JCMS:Journal of Cinema and Media Studies publishes essays on a wide variety of subjects from The Birds and World War II combat film to Young Mr. Lincoln and the Mulatto Cyborg. A Professional Notes" section informs readers about forthcoming events." Learn More
  • MERJ [Media Education Research Journal]


    Edited by Richard Berger, Annamária Neag (the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University) and Marketa Zezulkova (Institute of Communication Studies & Journalism, Charles University), MERJ offers a forum for the exchange of academic research into media education and pedagogy conducted by academics, practitioners and teachers situated in all sectors and contexts for media education.

    The journal aims to encourage dialogue between the sectors and between media educators from different countries, with the aim to facilitate the transfer of critical, empirical, action and discursive research into the complexity of media education as social practice.

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  • Millennium Film Journal


    The Millennium Film Journal is dedicated to Artists’ Cinema, from the Black Box to the White Cube — on the large screen, on the small screen, in installations, and in public spaces. Since 1978 it has documented works by artists in film, video, and digital media. Learn More
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