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  • Uppercase


    UPPERCASE is a quarterly magazine for the creative and curious inspired by craft, design and illustration. A playful exploration of creativity, an affinity for vintage ephemera, and a love of handmade are some elements common in each issue. The magazine boasts high-quality paper and printing, a unique design aesthetic and incredible attention to detail. Adored by readers around the world, it has been recognised for its design excellence. Learn More
  • Ceramics: Art & Perception


    Ceramics: Art and Perception has well written articles and excellent photographs - a high quality publication both in content and presentation; subjects range from the avant garde to the traditional.

    Mansfield Ceramics is the new publisher of Ceramics: Art & Perception (and its sister publication, Ceramics TECHNICAL). It is an exciting prospect joining together these two established and seminal publications with Yarrobil. Future issues of these three magazines will be incorporated into a bumper magazine which will provide readers with three different written approaches to ceramics – scholarly, technical and creative – generating fresh insights, challenges, critical commentary and wit. The publishers will encourage the widest possible range of voices from practising ceramists, academics, professional writers and art critics on subjects important to ceramics, and thus provide a platform for discourse, dialogue and debate about ideas important to ceramists

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  • Selvedge


    Selvedge is a magazine that acknowledges the significance of textiles as a part of everyone’s story.  We are surrounded by cloth from the cradle to the grave and by exploring our universal emotional connection to fibre we share the stories and values that mean the most to us. From why we love the sound of a needle pulling thread through taut linen, to why we are fascinated by the clothes we wear and the fibres we unknowingly rely on. There are many sides to every story and Selvedge is dedicated to finding and nurturing textiles from every angle. Selvedge believe that textiles unite all humanity and in surveying the development of society it is clear that from a spider’s web to the world-wide web, textiles appear as the protagonist.

    The Magazine

    At the heart of the Selvedge story is a cerebral and sensual addiction to cloth and with that an appreciation of the beautifully made and carefully considered.  Having been drawn to textiles since childhood, Polly Leonard studied embroidery and weaving and taught textiles for ten years.  Frustrated at the lack of infrastructure to support talented artisans and the wider community of enthusiasts, Polly took a leap of faith in April 2004 and created the magazine she wanted to read – Selvedge. Today Selvedge is still exploring and understanding the history, future, politics and aesthetics of textiles with its own distinct voice.

    Since its launch Selvedge has become much more than a magazine. As well as a  valuable source of inspiration  for designers and devotees alike, the Selvedge brand has flourished not only into a spring board for makers and artisans but a strong community of textile lovers, with workshops, fairs and its own store.

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  • MacGuffin


    With each issue based around a single object, MacGuffin magazine is a platform for fans of inspiring, personal, unexpected, highly familiar or utterly disregarded things. Widely recognized as a fabously designed and immaculately researched design & crafts biannual, it is an indispensable resource for all those who want backstage information about the Life of Things.

    Winners of the Stack Awards 2017 two awards this time - Editor of the Year and Art Director of the Year


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  • Craft Arts International

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