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Vendor Website Guide

So our client publishers can understand how to use their Vendor Login Pages we have drafted a PDF guide, we will update this guide as the…


  Many of our publishers and indeed some people in our office have been unable to see the "browse files" button in some parts of…

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Trade Tariff: Commodity codes, duty and VAT rates

When books and magazines are exported or imported queries often arise about commodity codes and VAT duties. There is a very useful UK Government website that…

Guide to How We Sell Magazines

We ask each of our magazine publishers to produce a magazine flier about once a year. We would suggest that you email us a draft…

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General Data Protection Regulation

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Central Books agree to act in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will…

Entry into Magazine Catalogues

We have this webiste which acts as on on-line catalogue with a magazine section and an annual hard copy catalogue also covering all our magazines.…

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Main Contact Points for Publishers

General Contact Points Description Telephone Number email addresses Trade Orders Department for Books Use to send book orders for the shops, internet retailers an…

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Jobs at Central Books

Since 1939 Central Books has been distributing books, magazines and other related products to bookshops, specialist outlets and individuals. If you are interested in working…

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Subscribe to the Central Books Magazine Publishers' mailing list

We recommend signing up to this mail list. We use this list for important updates and offers only. We have sent out less than 12…

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Book Fairs

Currently Central Books attend two annual trade fairs, Frankfurt Book Fair in October and London Book Fair in March or April. We offer shelf space…

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