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Problems Opening CSV Files (maybe you are a MAC user)

Some of our publishers have problems opening the csv files we send them. The columns are not split up and the inverted commas still show. This is more common for MAC users than for other operating systems. We hope these instructions solve the problem.

Instructions for opening CSV (COMMA SEPERATED FILE) files in Excel.

  1. "Right Click" the icon of the inserted file.
  2. Now choose "Save As", saving the file to your chosen directory.
  3. Open up the Excel software
  4. Click the "Open File" icon or go to "file" then "open file".
  5. At the bottom of the open file window there is a box called "Files of Type" from the drop down menu in this box chose "Text Files" or choose "Comma Separated or CSV files" if that option exists.
  6. Chose the relevant directory and your saved file should show on the list.
  7. Open your chosen file.
  8. Your file should now open as a spreadsheet.
  9. Do not forget to save the file as an excel file at the end [or your will lose the formatting].

If this does not work try these


There is a reverse problem when working with CSV, xls and xlsx files involving 13 digist ISBN's.  

This is to view an ISBN in full in excel

You will find the characters 9780993475412 looks like 9.78099E+12 in a default excel cell but ths needs to look like 9780993475412

  1. Right click your cell (or cells)
  2. Now choose format cells
  3. In the Number tab DO NOT choose number but choose Custom at the bottom of the list
  4. Now under type choose 0
  5. Now click OK and you are done your cell should now look like 9780993475412

If you want to save this file in CSV format so that the complete ISBN number is preservced you can if you follows the steps 1 to 5 before saving.There is a trap here, someone opens the csv file, they do not reformat per above and the save it, now all the ISBN details are lost again.