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  • Lipatti

    Features the life and work of Dinu Lipatti. This book deals with Lipatti as pianist, composer and teacher. It includes many quotations from letters written by him, many musical examples, a list of works and two cadenzas for the Mozart Piano Concerto in C (K467). This publication is a valuable foundation from which to understand the complete devotion and musicianship of one of the most gifted pianist/composers, the world has ever heard. Much of this book is devoted to understanding Dinu Lipatti's music, his teaching, composing and those important in his musical development. Learn More
  • Russian Piano School, The

    Russian Pianists and Moscow Conservatoire Professors on the Art of the Piano Moscow and its Conservatoire was long, perhaps still is, the heart of Russian pianism. Its graduates range through Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Medtner, Richter, Gilels, Ashkenazy, Pletnev and beyond. Professor Christopher Barnes, a professor of Slavic languages at the University of Toronto, has translated hitherto unavailable essays, critiques and lectures from the leading teaching lights at the Moscow Conservatoire. This is a feast of valuable piano pedagogy. Learn More
  • Work / Life 3


    Work/Life 3: the UPPERCASE directory of illustration

    With the third book in this series, we push the personal nature of Work/Lifeto a new level. This edition’s theme is “An Illustrated Life” in which we explore the illustrator’s lifestyle in intimate detail and find out what it takes to stay creative 24/7. Featuring 100 artists from around the world. Click here to see the list of participants.

    Designed and written by Janine Vangool
    Cover illustrated by Jeff Rogers 

    Learn More
  • What's Cooking? Famous designers on food


    A collection of stories, memories and recipes by famous designers from the creative design industry. Includes unique, one-off illustrations, designs and photographs by our contributors. A feast to read, giving a personal insight into the lives of i.e. Margaret Calvert, Ken Garland, Wim Crouwel, Zandra Rhodes, Alan Fletcher, Len Deighton, Paula Scher, Steven Heller, Martin Lambie-Nairn, Alan Kitching, Wally Olins...

    What an achievement! I’m so pleased to be a small part of it.’ Margaret Calvert
    The book looks splendid Veronika.’ Mike Dempsey
    The book is in fact a little gem. Well done!’ Alan Kitching
    Great! Great!! Great!!!’ Vladimir Chaika
    It’s exquisite. unlike many “design” publications, it has a soul.’ Willi Kunz

    Learn More
  • White Noise [Marmalade]

    A re-reappraisal of contemporary drawing by artists Greig Burgoyne and Rossella Emanuele. Learn More
  • Typewriter, The: A Graphic History of the Beloved Machine

    Typewriters are powerful. They sped the world's business and brought women into the workforce. The once ubiquitous office tool has had integral roles in literature, film, art and popular culture. Coveted as a symbol of simpler times, it is now undergoing a resurgence of appreciation. Learn More
  • Punks on Scooters: The Bristol Mod Revival 1979-1985

    British youth in the mid 1970s felt a need to express its anger and frustration at what seemed to everyone 'futureless politics'. An anger and frustration that had found a youthful voice with the emergence of punk rock, bringing with it a huge explosion of politics in music, with such songs as Anarchy in the UK, God Save the Queen and later on Eton Rifles, distinguishing punk as an overtly politicised youth culture. Some of these angry young men and women moved on from punk to Two-Tone and from there followed a route that led from via Secret Affair and The Jam to the Mod Revival. These were fractured, often violent times, as Michael Salter recalls in his in-depth memories of the music and fashion of the Bristol scooter club generation and the mod revival. Learn More
  • Bauhaus Issue 2 Israel

    An issue of this magazine on the Bauhaus and Israel? Learn More
  • Looking Good: A visual guide to the nun's habit

    In Looking Good, graphic design and illustration are employed with clarity and charm to decipher this most enduring and evocative form of visual identity – and present it for fresh appreciation at a time when it appears to be in demise. Learn More
  • Term

    Maia Conran’s split screen work Term, mirrors a series of still and tracking video shots of the interior spaces of a disused school with its animated monochrome copy, that mimicks scene for scene the original video footage. Learn More
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